Dave Lindquist has written about music in Indianapolis for more than two decades. Now, Dave has his own show on WTTS. Join us Monday nights at 7 for The BEAT with Dave Lindquist. Hear your next music discovery from the local and independent scene and fresh music from familiar artists.

Monday night, Dave presents new music from Dehd, Shannon & the Clams, J Mascis and Indianapolis musician Jack Ziesemer.

Songs played on the Feb. 5 episode:

Ducks Ltd., “Heavy Bag”
The Umbrellas, “Gone”
Ibibio Sound Machine, “Got to Be Who U Are”
Brigitte Calls Me Baby, “Palm of Your Hand”
Dehd, “Mood Ring”
Liam Gallagher & John Squire, “Just Another Rainbow”
The Silver Lines, “Bound”
Shannon & the Clams, “The Moon is in the Wrong Place”
Courting, “Flex”
Loving, “No Mast”
Jack Ziesemer, “The Way”
J Mascis, “Right Behind You”