Dave Lindquist has written about music in Indianapolis for more than two decades. Now, Dave has his own show on WTTS. Join us Monday nights at 7 for The BEAT with Dave Lindquist. Hear your next music discovery from the local and independent scene and fresh music from familiar artists.

Monday night, Dave presents new music from Titus Andronicus, the Bad Ends and Indiana artist Volunteer Department.

Songs played on the Nov. 21 episode:

HighSchool, “Only a Dream”
Thus Love, “Crowd”
Beauty Pill, “Fugue State Companion”
Almond Joy, “Oh, Henry”
Titus Andronicus, “Drummer Boy”
Murder by Death, “Incantation”
Wunderhorse, “17”
The Bad Ends, “Thanksgiving 1915”
Cowboy Dinosaur, “Making Friends”
The C.I.A., “Impersonator”
Volunteer Department, “What a Life”
Hannah Jadagu, “Say It Now”
The Black Angels, “A Walk on the Outside”

WTTS Free Download Of The Week: Titus Andronicus

A new single from Titus Andronicus.
Download “Tumult Around The World” any time between June 3rd through June 9th by clicking below. Learn more about Titus Andronicus at their Official Website, like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.



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