Free Download Of The Week: The Weeks

“We moved to Nashville in 2010,” remembers frontman Cyle Barnes, who formed The Weeks in Jackson, Mississippi, with his three longtime bandmates: drummer (and twin brother) Cain Barnes, guitarist Sam Williams, and bass player Damien Bone. “We spent 2011 to 2015 touring. November 2015 was the first time we ever spent an entire month in Nashville.” Easy, the latest release from The Weeks is driving and direct, captured in punchy sound by producer Paul Ebersold. The goal was to clear out any unnecessary clutter, focusing instead on The Weeks’ biggest strengths: the elastic power of Cyle’s voice, capable of a crooning drawl one minute and a roof-raising howl the next; the range of Sam’s guitar playing, from Motown-influenced chord stabs to garage-rock blasts of sound; and the interlocking rhythms of Damien and Cain. Download “Talk Like That” off Easy any time between June 26th, and July 2nd. Learn more about The Weeks at their Official Website, “Like” them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.


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The Weeks In Sun King Studio 92

The Weeks dropped by Sun King Studio 92 on Friday, July 20th, 2012. Listen to their session below!

“Gobi Blues”

“Brother in the Night”

“Slave to the South”

“In Spite of Ourselves”