The Guitarworks Great Guitar Giveaway

This holiday season, win the gift of music courtesy of the one and only Guitarworks in Greenwood, the place to Take Your Pick! During the next four weeks (11/26-12/21), Paul Mendenhall will be giving away four great guitars. A G&L Tribute Legacy guitar, a Tribute L-2000 Bass, a G&L Tribute ASAT Classic and a Takamine GN30ce Sunburst guitar. Correctly answer the Morning Music Mindbender at 7:35 to qualify for that week’s guitar. Then on Friday, Paul will draw a winner. Description of the guitars are below:

Week 1 – The G&L Tribute Legacy “Strat”

Winner: Scott McClintock

The G&L Legacy model is the pinnacle of Leo Fender’s career- Leo’s finest, most advanced Stratocaster design
The Legacy features USA hand-wound vintage Alnico single coil pickups – the result of Leo Fender’s lifetime of engineering knowledge. Their response is a gross improvement over his old school pickups, while still preserving that unmistakable chime of the late 50’s Strats. One can properly rock the house, with all the versatility of most sought-after strats of yesteryear.
Add Leo’s Dual-Fulcrum vibrato, allowing up and down-bend with unsurpassed stability, and you have Pro-level workhorse guitar suitable to all playing styles on-stage or in-studio. Whether you’re a gigging pro or a bedroom guitarist, you’ll love the G&L Legacy HB. It’s – the most versatile Strat ever created, and a true joy to play
You can win this one- Finished in miles-deep Piano Black, with a retail value over $800, presented by your friends at the One and Only Guitarworks in Greenwood- the place to Take Your Pick.

Week 2 – G&L Tribute L-2000 Bass guitar valued at $1100

Winner: Adam Grudis of Fishers

Leo Fender was the inventor of the electric bass guitar, and his iconic designs continue to be the benchmark for every brand on the market
When Leo founded the G&L company, he again redefined the bass, evolving his famous “Music Man” design into G&L’s flagship L-2000 model`
Never before has such a wide range of tones come from a single bass- making the G&L L-2000 suitable to players of every musical style and taste
You can win this G&L Tribute L-2000, featuring two handbound, USA made, Magnetic Field Design Humbucking pickups, connected to with Leo’s unique “Tri-Tone” Active control system.
This configuration allows for Passive or Active operation, and Series or Parallel coil options. What THAT means is, this bass is right at home with R&B Players, Power Rock musicians as well as the Funkiest Pop & Slap bassists
Leo further departed with the past with the addition of his innovative Saddle-Lock Bridge, that transfers string energy right into the body end-grain for an incredible resonance and sustain
Guitarworks, the one and only place to “Take Your Pick” has chosen to give you a G&L Tribute L-2000 in stunning Tobacco Sunburst finish over a figured Swamp Ash body. It is truly a work of art to play and to behold. Retail value on this fine bass is over $1100, and it could be yours, from your friends at the One and Only Guitarworks in Greenwood- the place.. to Take Your Pick!

Week 3 guitar is a G&L Tribute ASAT Classic
The G&L Tribute ASAT Classic is Leo Fender’s final word on the Telecaster design, single cutaway bolt-on guitar. You’ll find this to be a very versatile instrument, from round clean jazz tones to thick gritty blues. The ASAT Classic stays true to proven old-school Tele design, but adds Leo’s Fantastic single-coil Magnet Field Design hand wound, USA pickups and 6 brass-saddle box bridge for crisp attack and complex harmonics , all the while improving intonation accuracy.
The one and only Guitarworks in Greenwood has chosen this ASAT Classic finished in miles-deep Piano Black, a fantastic axe just drippin’ with Leo mojo, that will make an incredible addition to your collection.
Valued at over $ 700, we wanna make it yours for Christmas! Our gift to you, from Paul Mendenhall and the Morning Music Mindbender, the WTTS crew, and of course from your friends at the One and Only Guitarworks in Greenwood- the place.. to Take Your Pick!

Week 4 Takamine GN30ce Sunburst
For our final week we wanted something completely different. So the One and Only Guitarworks in Greenwood- the place.. to Take Your Pick! Has chosen a fine acoustic/electric guitar from the world’s leader- Takamine guitars!
Takamine is the choice of so many of the world’s top professionals, universally accepted as the standard of modern acoustic performance on stage and in the studio.
This week Guitarworks in Greenwood presents The GN20CE-in Natural Satin finish. Takamine’s compact “NEX” body style and Takamine electronics create a guitar that sounds as good as it looks. The GN20CE marries a solid cedar top with sapele back and sides to produce a warm, beautifully detailed tone perfect for a wide range of musical styles. A slim satin-finished neck and 12″-radius fingerboard feels great, and Takamine’s TP-4TD preamp has a built-in tuner and three-band EQ.
the One and Only Guitarworks in Greenwood- the place.. to Take Your Pick! Is the nation’s ONLY Takamine Premier Showroom, chosen by Takamine’s Japanese headquarters to owners the #1 reference dealer from the Takamine website! Guitarworks features the entire line of Pro series and G series guitars- just Take Your Pick!”
Valued at over $ 650, we wanna put it under your tree!! Our gift to you, from Takamine guitars, the Morning Music Mindbender, and of course from your friends at the One and Only Guitarworks in Greenwood- the place.. to Take Your Pick! The nation’s #1 Takamine guitar dealer!

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