Fork in the Road — Bear in Heaven

WTTS Indy Underground Producer, George Drake Jr., spoke with Jon Philpot from Bear in Heaven at the Pitchfork Music Festival In Chicago. Jon discussed the band’s shrinking lineup, their perception to festivals, their songwriting process, and he attempted to pin down the band’s genre.


George’s Pitchfork Day 2 Photo Recap

Day 2

Day 2 was not unlike Day 1 — unbearably hot. The day was even longer, the number of acts has multiplied and the photo pits were even more hectic, packed and hotter than the day before. (On a side note, on average, the sun-drenched photo pit is about 20-30° hotter than sitting in the sun-drenched grass due to the collective of people and the disgustingly hot-and-constantly-powered sound equipment littering the front of the stage). But the music still continued and the photo pits needed people in them taking pictures… so there I was.

Wolf Parade

Bear In Heaven

LCD Soundsystem