Dave Lindquist has written about music in Indianapolis for more than two decades. Now, Dave has his own show on WTTS. Join us Monday nights at 7 for The BEAT with Dave Lindquist. Hear your next music discovery from the local and independent scene and fresh music from familiar artists.

Monday night, Dave presents new music from Maggie Rogers, Rufus Wainwright and Friedberg plus Indiana artists Amy O and Wife Patrol.

Songs played on the March 25 episode:

Friedberg, “Hello”
Odetta Hartman, “Goldilocks”
Bartees Strange, “You Always Hurt the Ones You Love”
Cuffed Up, “Mock Dance”
Maggie Rogers, “So Sick of Dreaming”
Julia Wolf, “In My Room”
Wife Patrol, “Equinox”
Rufus Wainwright, “Perfect Day”
Bodega, “Cultural Consumer III”
Valerie June, “Big Dream”
Amy O, “Dribble Dribble”
Somebody’s Child, “Oh Emily”
The Staves, “You Held it All”