WTTS 9 Hours Of 90’s


The 90’s was a radical time for our nation. Pepsi was crystal, a show about nothing ruled television and you could buy a dozen CD’s for a penny. This Friday is 9/9 and WTTS will be celebrating with 9 Hours Of 90’s presented by Newcastle Brown Ale. Starting at 9am, relive the decade that brought us grunge, Lilith Fair and Lollapalooza. Request a song in true 90’s fashion by faxing your request to 317-972-9886. You can also email your request to our brand new AOL address: NineHoursOf90s@aol.com.


This Friday at 9am it’s 9 Hours Of 90’s presented by Newcastle Brown Ale, the one and only. Right now, prices have been rolled back to the way they were in the 90’s. Pick up a 12pk or more at your favorite liquor or grocery store.

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