Q: What are the details of my prize?

  • A: All contest winners will be contacted via email within 10 business days from the date they won and given more details about their prize. Typically these emails are sent out on Mondays however we ask that each winner wait until the following Wednesday before following up. We do this so we can make sure we’re communicating the same message to everyone that has won and that they have the most updated information about ticket availability. To ensure you receive winner notifications (and that they don’t get sent to your junk mail) please add to your email contacts .


Q: What details are given in my prize email?

  • A: Details include:
    • Items won
    • If prize is tickets to an event or show: date & venue details
    • If the prize/tickets are in-house and available to be picked up
    • What steps you must take to obtain your prize
    • How long you have to redeem your prize


Q: I live closer to Bloomington. How can I get my prize?

  • A: Simply respond to your winner email with your first and last name and let us know that you’d like to pickup your prize in the
    Bloomington offices.


Q: Where are the Bloomington offices?

  • A: WTTS is located at 120 W. 7th St., Suite 400. Once you enter the building you will head directly back to the elevators and go to the 4th floor. Once the doors open, WTTS will be the first office building you see to your left. If you have any trouble finding it or want to ensure that your prize is available to be picked up, please call (812) 332-3366. ext 5565.


Q: What if I can’t make it during prize pickup hours? Can you mail my prize?

  • A: Unfortunately, as we’ve stated before, in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint via paper waste and to ensure prizes are available to winners, they will no longer be sent in the mail. However, if you have a friend or family member that would be able to pickup the tickets, simply email and let us know the first and last name of the person that will be picking up the prize in your place.
  • A: Currently our building is not allowing visitors. Because of this, we will mail certain prizes. Please note, we do not provide tracking for packages. WTTS is not responsible for lost or stolen packages. Once a package is mailed, it cannot be rerouted to an alternative address.



Q: I can no longer go to a show, can I put the tickets under someone else’s name?

  • A: We apologize, however, all WTTS-FM contesting rules state that “Contest prizes are not transferable.”


Q: I have questions about a prize or event. Who can I contact?


Q: I won a prize and it’s been over 10 business days but I haven’t received my email. What should I do?

  • A: Most often when winners don’t receive their email, we’ve found there is an error with the email address that was recorded in our system or that our email went to the winner’s junk/spam folder. Please check these folders in your email account. If this doesn’t solve the problem, please send an email to to make us aware of the situation.


Q: My email said that the tickets I won aren’t available. When will they be available?

  • A: Unfortunately, WTTS is not given a schedule of when tickets will be printed or distributed so we’re unable to give specific dates as that information isn’t available to us. As soon as we are notified that we can pick them up, we will let you know that their availability status has changed.


 The following prizes will be sent in the form of digital tickets 

  • Ruoff Music Center Tickets
  • HI-FI Tickets
  • TCU Amphitheater at White River State Park Tickets
  • Old National Centre Tickets
  • The Vogue Tickets
  • Gainbridge Fieldhouse Tickets
  • IU Auditorium


The following prizes will now need to be picked up from either the Indy or the Bloomington station:

  • Physical prize packs
  • Gift Cards


How To Redeem Your In-House Prize

If your prize is in-house and available for pickup, please follow these steps:

  • Bring a valid photo ID [this must match the name of the person that won the prize]
  • Drop by 92.3 WTTS located at: 407 N. Fulton St., Indianapolis, IN 46202 [WTTS is located inside an old brick school building]
      • Prize pickup is available on the following days and hours:
        • Monday 10a-4p
        • Tuesday 10a-4p
        • Wednesday 10a-4p
        • Thursday 10a-4p
        • Friday 10a-4p
        • Prizes must be picked up between the hours listed above. Winners may email and schedule a time for pickup to ensure prize will be available when you arrive.**

    Prize must be redeemed within 30 days of availability notification. If the prize is not claimed within the allotted time, it will be forfeited by the winner and will become the property of WTTS. All winners must sign a receipt of prize form and are solely responsible for reporting and paying all taxes on prizes, if applicable. Contest prizes are not transferable. To ensure prizes are available to winners, they will no longer be sent in the mail.    

     WTTS is not responsible for sending pickup reminders so please mark your calendars and make the necessary arrangements.