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Week of Nov 23rd


Win the Matt Maeson release “Bank On The Funeral”


Past Mindbender music trivia questions

Monday Nov 23

His band won the Grammy for best new artist in 1987…jusitifiably so, they beat out Nu Shooz, Glass Tiger, Simply Red and Timbuk 3.

His first couple of gigs in pop music included a stint with Yacht rockers  Ambrosia  and in Sheen Easton’s back up band. What artist of the 80s and beyond won’t shake your hand to protect his money makers from bone crushing hand shakes?


Tuesday November 24

A well known artist had his forst solo #1 this day in history. Although it was a time before videos were common, he shot a video that featured him walking around Tittenhurst Park, an English estate he had purchased from another member of his band. Name either of the two gentlemen that owned Tittenhurst Park.


Friday November 6th
To put in school terms,  a band’s sophomore album released this day in 1993 actually exceeded their amazing first album, in fact set a record by selling almost a million copies in the first week, more than any album previously and a record that would stand until Garth brooks Double Live came out 6 years later. What album , originally called five against one, wound up witha two letter title?

Pearl Jam Vs.