Paul Mendenhall Paul Mendenhall
Weekdays 5:30am – 10am
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Paul has been host of the WTTS Morning Show since 2001, and has worked alongside Laura and Brad throughout those years, an amazingly long time for a radio staff to stay together. Prior to WTTS there were a myriad of other radio stations, some of Paul’s favorites include WERK in Muncie and WNAP, WIBC and WXLW in Indy. The better stories from his radio career however come from much smaller places and he’ll be glad to share as many as you can stand over a beer (or 3) especially if you’re buying. Paul was also a teacher at Ben Davis for many years in the 80s and 90s managing radio station WBDG and is still thrilled to run into students from the many radio staffs that passed through those doors. He actually designed the Ben Davis radio/TV studios but left to pursue a career in real estate before ever using said studios. He is still actively involved in real estate but swears he never approaches anyone he meets through ‘TTS about using his services. Worlds do not collide!
Saving the best for last, Paul has been married to his kind, understanding and beautiful wife Brenda for over a quarter century and together they raised 5 kids who are now all grown up and out of the house allowing Paul and Brenda to move into a cozy (real estate word for small) downtown condo. They do maintain a pontoon boat named “Toon In” (get it?) and are often cruising and swimming at Lake Monroe.

Brad Holtz Brad Holtz
Overeasy, Sunday: 7 – 11am and pm
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A proud Hoosier (and Westfield Shamrock) alum, Brad Holtz started in radio at “The Buzzard” (WNAP/Indy), where he first ran into Paul Mendenhall. He strolled over to the “independent” world of WTTS several years later and has never looked back. On the weekends -or late in the afternoon when he can duck out- Brad can be found on the golf course, in the Rathskeller Biergarten when it’s warm, or more-than-likely IN the Rathskeller when it’s not. Hobbies include golf (playing & watching), Colts & NFL football, Vegas excursions, wine & cheese sampling, Talking Heads and Stones records, and chasing around  2 sons and Albert and Rusty, a rather bizarre combination of dogs (a sweet, gentle Weimaraner and a Miniature Daschund with a real attitude problem).

Laura Duncan
Weekdays 3pm-7pm        

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Laura Duncan was born and raised in Indiana, attended Indiana University and has enjoyed over 2 decades of broadcast bliss. Laura believes that music is the sustenance of life and has gone days without food or water, but never one day without music. It is her belief that one day, Dave Grohl will sweep her off her feet. She keeps all tickets stubs from every concert she has attended and has been known to give front row tickets to back row fans. Looking for a friend who is as passionate about music as you are? Hang out with Laura, weekday afternoons from 3-7.

Matt Stone
Born and raised in the hills of Pennsylvania, Matt got his start in radio at 15 years old at his hometown AM station, playing polka music. Matt has been on-air and programmed radio across the U.S. from North Carolina, Florida and Hawaii to San Diego. Matt has been exposed to many diverse music styles along the way which makes him a perfect fit here at WTTS. Matt is married and has a teenage son with a chihuahua and 2 cats rounding out his family. Hobbies include anything on the water and live music! Find Matt fishing or boating on the lakes on the weekends.

Amber Hoback
: on-air weekdays 10am-3pm

Find Amber (DM her beer suggestions!)
: on Instagram and Facebook @amberontheradio

…is the newest member of the WTTS team! Yay!

…is the color of your energy.

…is searching for the best sour beers in Indy.

…is always ready for a dance-off.

…loves music and thanks her Dad for introducing her to Van Morrison, Lyle Lovett, and Bonnie Raitt.

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