Listener Shoutout

Get your voice on 92-3 WTTS through your iPhone.

It’s easy and fun!


Step 1:
-Find a quiet place away from noise and distractions.
-Decide what you want to say. It helps to write it down.
-Smile when you speak – have fun! Don’t try to sound like an announcer – just be yourself!

What to say?
Here are some lines you can say:
“92-3 W-T-T-S”
“Experience the music”
“Here’s new music”
“Discover new music”
“I want new music!”
“World Class Rock!”

What else?
Tell us your name and where you live.
Tell us why you listen to WTTS.
Tell us what you like to do for fun.

Step 2:
Grab your iPhone and locate the voice memos app.


Step 3:
Speak clearly into your iPhone and record your shoutout using the red button to start and stop.


Save it with your name and WTTS. Example: “Jason Eddy WTTS”


Step 4:
Listen to your shoutout to make sure it sounds good and is easily heard. If not, delete and record again. If it’s good, send it to us by hitting the send icon.


Step 5:
Email your shouout to: Put your first and last name in the subject line.

Step 6:
Listen to 92-3 FM WTTS to hear your shoutout on the radio!