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After more than 15 years on the radio in Indianapolis, Matt landed his dream gig with WTTS.

When he’s not on the air, Matt is with his wife, two young boys, and two dogs.

If he’s lucky enough to have a little extra time, he usually spends it hiking, paddling, camping, or exploring caves in southern Indiana.


Background Check – In The Air Tonight by Phil Collins

Happy birthday Phil Collins! Let’s address the urban legends…

Background Check – Black Dog by Led Zeppelin

Today marks 48 years since Led Zeppelin played the newly-opened Market Square Arena and closed the show with Black Dog

Background Check – My Sweet Lord by George Harrison

Today marks 52 years since the first time a former Beatle topped the charts with this one…

WTTS In Conversation – “Big Head” Todd Park mohr

The frontman talks about their association with NASA, and reveals the title of their forthcoming album

Background Check – Golden Years by David Bowie

Learn why he didn’t remember working on this album, and why a particular television debut of this song always bothered him…