Day 3

Day 3 had promise from the beginning — clouds peppered the sky for some much appreciated shade and overall the temperature was set to remain in the low 80’s. Then it started to rain, and we were back at square 1 — soaking wet. After about half an hour, the rain let up and the third day of the Pitchfork Music Festival looked to be the most bearable. The music continued to flow throughout the festival whether it came from one of the three stages or the many booths the festival had to offer. As stated in my prior posts, the photo pits were filled to the brim with photographers and the third day it escalated. Moving from one side of the stage to the other for a different perspective allowed me to not only step on toes, but also force my scalp into other photographers’ viewfinders. Needless to say, they weren’t happy with me. Nonetheless — I bring you a photo journal of Pitchfork: Day 3.

Local Natives

St. Vincent

Big Boi