In 2015, Garbage celebrated the 20th anniversary of their debut album with the 20 Years Queer tour. During that tour, drummer Butch Vig announced the band was working on their 6th studio album Strange Little Birds. In many ways, the album goes back to the basics for the group. They worked on the album in Vig’s basement and found that youthful spark that fueled the band’s beginnings. Part of that spark was not having to answer to anyone. This is the second album Garbage has put out on their own label STUNVOLUME and not working with a major record label was liberating. Lead vocalist Shirley Manson calls the album their most vulnerable. “I used to feel so scared, and I think that was why I was so aggressive — but I’m much more willing to admit weaknesses than I was before. Each song addresses different points in my life between me and a person I’ve loved. They’re hot spots in my life, when I was afraid, or vulnerable, or didn’t behave at my best.” Download “Empty” off Strange Little Birds and learn more about Garbage at their Official Website, “Like” them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.


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