Craig and I are sitting in the press tent staking our claim over one of the tables (some people seem to do that for the whole day, which makes blogging near impossible) as we wait to interview the Chris’ from Grizzly Bear.  Craig is actually at the table next to me blogging about the hipster race that we witnessed.  It was pretty funny.  ANYWAY, we’ve prepped Mr. Grizzle for the presentation to Chris Bear on behalf of his birthday.  It’s a Bear Trifecta Extravaganza (explanation: Chris Bear from Grizzly Bear is receiving a Bear for his birthday… confusing, I know).  Since we’re on the subject, look who decided to get in the way of my work earlier this morning:


“That Bear is STOIC” – Craig Shank

We’re looking forward to Mr. Grizzle switching hands, but we’re also a little sad to see him go.

On another note, we had the first Wayne Coyne (Flaming Lips) sighting as soon as we walked in the park.  He was setting up with members of the crew (who I think he makes wear the bright orange jumpsuits and construction hats) while setting up for their show at the end of the night.  It’s cool how a headliner can take over the stage of a day long music festival before the first band has even started playing.  Here’s the proof:




Twenty five minutes and counting to the Grizzly Bear interview.  And so the second day begins… NOW.