Veterans Matter

Veterans Matter

Show your support and text “VETS” to 41444 to donate to Veterans Matter, an organization that helps move homeless veterans from cardboard to headboard.

There are over 37,787 veterans still on the streets.

Our National Homeless Veterans Housing Program is the result of collaborative innovation integrating technology, housing, and the community; with the medical, mental, and employment services provided by the VA; that creates evidence-based results for our heroes in need: Returning them to domestic autonomy. In other words, we bring people together to house as many homeless veterans as we can, as fast as we can in VA supported permanent housing, giving them a fresh start!

Veterans Matter is an innovative cloud-based rapid-response system – partnered with the VA’s Homeless Veterans program – which allows the homeless veteran to get housed in literally minutes rather than the 30 to 60 days normally required to obtain the deposit. Essentially your donation is used as a deposit paid directly to the landlord to allow the veteran or veteran family to cross the threshold into a warm place called home for a fresh start.

Veterans Matter is presented by Tom Wood

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  3450 W. Central Ave., Toldeo, 43606, OH
}  October 18, 2021 to November 14, 2021
  Monday, 01:00 am to 11:59 pm

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   Veterans Matter

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