ISO Uncharted Series- From Beethoven to Beyonce 

ISO Uncharted Series- From Beethoven to Beyonce 
The Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra’s Uncharted Series Presents:
From Beethoven to Beyonce
, June 5th at Hilbert Circle Theater

From Beethoven to Beyoncé is a fantastical trip through an imaginary music festival curated by those two artists, combining the greatest composers of all-time with the best popular artists of today. Lady Gaga sings with Brahms; Bruno Mars improvises with Bach; Wagner conducts while Adele sings; Muse, Shostakovich and Chance the Rapper talk politics; Stravinsky and Daft Punk push the boundaries; John Mayer fanboys over Mahler; and Beethoven and Beyoncé bring it home with help from Mumford and Sons. Three vocal soloists, one also a multi-instrumentalist, join the full orchestra.

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Event Information

  45 Monument Cir, Indianapolis, IN
}  June 05, 2024
  Wednesday, 07:30 pm to 11:00 pm
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   Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra

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