example Event TITLE

example Event TITLE

The image above is the Featured Image. It automatically gets posted at the top of each Event Post, and used throughout the site, so pick a cool image.

This is where you would type all the details about an event. Just like a normal blog post.

You can add images or video if you like:

You could also add sponsor logos:

You want to make sure you enter the information for the event below. For Event Information, just add the start date and time and end date and time. The rest of the entries should be Default or Blank.

Enter the Event Location information, like so . . .

Add the Event Promoter or whomever should be contacted for questions about tickets or other info.

For now we will not be using the ticketing system, so leave all of this either Blank or Default.

If you want, you can add additional images to the Event and it will render them at the bottom of the Event Post as a Gallery.


Make sure you add a FEATURED IMAGE and an EXCERPT on the right, under Events >>>>

You should also have the Divi Page Settings set to Page Layout: No Sidebar and Hide Nav Before Scroll to OFF.

Finally, after you publish, make sure you go to Events / All Events and select “Quick Edit” to properly categorize your post.

The Event Post will automatically generate the information you put in below the post content, and it will use it throughout the rest of the site when the Event shows up on different pages.

Event Information

  407 Fulton Street, Indianapolis, 46202, Indiana, United States
}  February 18, 2021
  Thursday, 06:00 am to 10:00 am

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Event Location

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