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Christmas Can Concert: Houndmouth Recap

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Christmas Can Concert: Houndmouth Recap

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Thursday night, December 3rd, WTTS kicked off its Christmas Can Concert series at The Bluebird in Bloomington. This first show featured Indiana natives, Houndmouth, and special guest Moon Taxi.

The Bluebird was buzzing with music, WTTS listeners, and canned goods being dropped into a bin to benefit Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard in Bloomington. Green Bean Delivery even donated two pounds of fresh produce to the food pantry for each person in attendance. It is the season of giving, after all.

Moon Taxi opened for Houndmouth and entertained the crowd as if they were the headliner. The Nashville-based indie-progressive rock band’s performance was captivating. They played songs like “Year Zero” and “All Day All Night.” The crowd was singing along as if maybe they had come out to see Moon Taxi and Houndmouth was an added bonus! Moon Taxi was unassumingly electric with a simple stage setup and immense sound. They set the stage quite well for the excitement to come.

WTTS DJ Rob Humphrey introduced Houndmouth and the room went somewhat quiet for the only time that evening in anticipation. The band starts to enter the stage casually while the crowd hears a most appropriate song being played through the monitors. The crowd gradually recognizes their stage entrance song to be the Indiana University fight song and sings along with great pride. It set the tone perfectly.

Members of Houndmouth are based in Louisville but were born and raised in New Albany, Indiana (less than two hours from The Bluebird). Houndmouth’s vintage country influence may stem from their roots in Louisville and brings an intriguing interest to their indie rock sound. The lead singer looks like a 1950s greaser in a cool black jacket and slick, black hair. The drummer wears a fur coat and the keyboard player looks like an indie rock version of a 1920s flapper girl. On such a small, simple stage, their appearance alone takes the audience to another place and time.

Houndmouth opens with “Black Gold” and the crowd is absolutely electrified. At one point both the lead singer, Matt Myers, and bass player, Zak Appleby, changed their shirts to Indiana University garb and won the crowd over with ease. WTTS listeners were absolutely smitten with Houndmouth’s wide array of sounds and songs. The energy from the stage transferred to the crowd with every single song; It was extremely impressive. This created a beautiful vocal battle between the band with their microphones and the audience with their beer-soaked voices.

Highlights of the evening included “15 Years,” “Penitentiary,” “Say It,” and “Sedona.” During “Gasoline” (a song in which keyboard player Katie Toupin performs lead vocals) the crowd immediately screamed the lyrics back to her and she utters with obvious pride on her face, “Maybe you guys have heard this song…” After closing with “Sedona” Myers returns to the stage for a solo performance of “For No One,” followed by “Casino (Bad Things)” and “My Cousin Greg.”

Once Houndmouth exited the stage for the final time, the crowd was left buzzing. Beer was spilled, voices were hoarse, and hands were raw from clapping along to Houndmouth that night. In the words of Houndmouth’s Matt Myers, “It’s good to be around a bunch of Hoosiers for a while…”

Thanks so much to all WTTS listeners in attendance at the first WTTS Christmas Can Concert of the season. Sunday night, December 6th, Leon Bridges will play the second Christmas Can Concert to a sold out Bluebird. If we don’t see you there, be sure to check out the VIP room and Concert Connection page for more ways to experience the music.


Christmas Can Concert Houndmouth

Houndmouth In Sun King Studio 92

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Houndmouth In Sun King Studio 92

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Photo Courtesy Rhythm In Focus Photography

Photo Courtesy Rhythm In Focus Photography

Houndmouth stopped by Sun King Studio 92 Powered By Klipsch Audio on March 5, 2015 before their show at the Bluebird. Enjoy the music and conversation below!



“For No One”




Remember, Sun King Studio 92 sessions are for 92-3 VIPs only. If you’re not a VIP, take 20 seconds to sign up for free, then stop by the VIP Room to register to be in the live studio audience at an upcoming performance.

Photos Courtesy Rhythm In Focus Photography.

‘Til We Meet Again

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‘Til We Meet Again

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UPDATE: Thank you for tuning in to ‘Til We Meet Again: A Tribute To the Writers & the Rooms and helping us raise $45,000+ to support independent Indiana venues! Missed it, no worries. Check out the replay below and don’t forget to donate.

Indiana venues were the first to close during this pandemic and will be one of the last to open. This crisis has not only created insurmountable hardships for these small businesses, but it’s also providing challenges for fans and the future of live concerts. As we face these challenges head-on, WTTS is asking you to do your part, with a special invitation to donate towards the prosperity of independent music in Indiana. “Till We Meet Again – A Tribute to the Writers & the Rooms” is a celebration of three great writers who are no longer with us: John Prine, Adam Schlesenger of Fountains of Wayne, and Bill Withers. The event features an incredible cast of artists showcasing their favorite tributes, as well as original songs, with performances by Houndmouth, Matt Quinn of Mt. Joy, Durand Jones, and many more. Watch this performance on the WTTS Facebook page or Youtube channel. Donation opportunities are available at Indiana venue alliance.

Sponsored by Klipsch, and 92-3 WTTS.

Overeasy – June 7th, 2020


Overeasy – June 7th, 2020

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  • At WTTS, Sunday mornings and evenings are laid-back. Check out OverEasy, presented by Brothers Floor Covering from 7 to 11 AM, AND 7 to 11 PM.
  • Brad Holtz plays singer-songwriters, mellow and acoustic tracks, and live exclusives.
  • This week, hear new music from Norah Jones and Jackson Browne plus live songs from Houndmouth and Snow Patrol in Sun King Studio 92.