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lovelytheband In Sun King Studio 92

7 Comments 30 April 2019

lovelytheband stopped by Sun King Studio 92 on April 30th, 2019 for an exclusive and intimate show with WTTS listeners . Enjoy the music and conversation below. Check out the WTTS YouTube page for more Studio 92 performances.


lovelytheband Interview in Sun King Studio 92

“These Are My Friends”

“Maybe I’m Afraid”
lovelytheband in Sun King Studio 92

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Remember, Sun King Studio 92 sessions are for 92-3 VIPs only. If you’re not a VIP, take 20 seconds to sign up for free, then stop by the VIP Room to register to be in the live studio audience at an upcoming performance.

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7 Comments so far

  1. Steve Reever says:

    Good to see them again . Always a pleasure too see and hear them play. Come back soon Jordan Mitchy and Sam!!

  2. Dee Brown says:

    Glad you had a good time! Did you go to the concert, too?

  3. Michele Reever says:

    Our friend had won us some tickets, but we didn’t have a sitter for our nieces and nephew we are now fostering. 🙁

  4. Steve Reever says:

    We had prior engagement, so we were unable to make it.But this was 2nd time we have seen them thanks to wtts .It was really amazing the guys remembered us from first show. Once again thank you very much for the wonderful Experience.

    Steve Reever

  5. Steve says:

    Unfortunately no we had prior arrangements. But it was a awesome experience. The guys remembered us from 5je show at district Tap. Thank you for an amazing afternoon.

  6. Jacob Bray says:

    These guys have been my favorite for over a year now. I have never missed their performances. Yesterday was awesome show and last night it was amazing! Thanks for doing these studio shows!

  7. Dee Brown says:

    Awesome! Thank you for being a 92.3 VIP!