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Name The New Shandy

9 Comments 24 February 2019

Centerpoint Brewing needs your help. In honor of our Friday 5 O’clock trip to “The Shanty”, Centerpoint Brewing is creating a brew for WTTS listeners. They are coming out with a new Shandy beer made with Circle City Kombucha and a tart German wheat brew. What should they name it? Vote below or in the VIP Room.

Your Comments

9 Comments so far

  1. john d underwood says:

    Summer School

  2. john d underwood says:

    Shandy Beach

  3. Richard Smith says:

    Circle City Shandy

  4. Brandon Schultz says:

    Lay Around Shandy

  5. Dustin Bailey says:

    Five O’clock Shadow

  6. Ron Power says:

    Number 92 3 O’clock Shandy

  7. John Edward Hoffman says:

    name it either Mind Bender Ale of Fine Bender Ale!

  8. Reagan Roberson says:

    The Shanty Shandy

  9. Lisa Hurley says:

    Over Easy Shandy