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John Mellencamp Benefit Concert

23 Comments 19 November 2018

92-3 WTTS gave you a chance to see John Mellencamp LIVE in a very intimate experience at the 40th anniversary celebration of the Tibetan Mongolian Buddhist Cultural Center.
For more information and to buy tickets click here.

You voted, here are the results of your favorite John Mellencamp songs…
1. Pink Houses
2. Jack and Diane
3. Ain’t Even Done With The Night
4. Minute To Memories
5. Your Life Is Now
6. Authority Song
7. I Need A Lover
8. Hurts so good
9. Pop Singer

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23 Comments so far

  1. Meghan Hall says:

    My favorite song is Jack and Dianne (though I was raised listening and loving all of his songs). My parents were killed 17 years ago when I was 7 years old. I remember playing Jack and Dianne at the funeral because the lyrics we just so synonymous to their love and life. Growing up, Dad implanted it in us that we were a Hoosier family and IU basketball was almost a second religion. Which is where he’s from. My mom was the ultimate John Mellencamp fan though, so I have his heart-styled emblem in my tattoo I got for her. Needless to say, John Mellencamp holds a very big part of my heart.

  2. Stacy Collins says:

    I love every song on the Lonesome Jubilee album. During Christmas my sister and I will just start singing Empty Hands. We know all the words! We also like to tell people we are in the Check It Out video.

  3. Rita Cook says:

    Jackie Brown

  4. Grant Alexander says:

    My favorite John Mellencamp songs would have to be a toss up between three tunes. Pink houses due to the imagery and story telling Introduced by what I believe is one of the greatest guitar riffs of all time that simply shows less is more in a great song sometimes. The other two, minutes to memories and small town, will always have a spot near and dear to my heart as while I was stationed away from my Hoosier home during my time in the US Air Force whenever I would turn on these songs they would cure the homesick heart of a kid who was out on his own for the first time in his life and craved for the simple pleasures of his Midwest lifestyle. I also have a personal tradition of blasting Small Town as loud as it can go in my car whenever I venture down to beautiful Bloomington Indiana. Even if I don’t win the tickets thanks for letting me talk up some of my favorite songs from one of the USA’s greatest song writers and a true inspiration to myself.

  5. Mindy Niehaus says:

    Fav John M songs…wow! It’s hard to pick, the best thing about his music is tbere is a song to fit every emotion or mood you may be in at the moment. I have to say “The Authority song should be my life theme song, (and man has that caused me some grief), but who can’t put Jack and Diane on the list…the whole Scarecrow Album, and you can’t sing “I Saw You First” and not smile. Ok…now I gotta head to Spotify and pull up my JM playlist and groove for a while!

  6. Jessica Butler says:

    “Ain’t Even Done With The Night”

  7. Pamela Brown says:

    Here are some of my favorites that aren’t always played a lot on the radio:

    -Minutes to Memories (My favorite)
    -Jackie Brown
    -Your Life is Now (The favorite song for my grown daughter and I–“Would you teach your children to tell the truth…?”)
    Actually just played it 2 of these songs last night on TouchTunes.
    I took my daughter to see Coug when she was just 3 years old. She is 34 now!
    She knew almost all of the words to many of JCMs songs when she was just old enough to talk 🙂

    I could go on and on with favorites. I’m a HUGE fan and have been for years.
    I would be honored to be able to attend this special concert.



  8. John Snoddy says:

    Favorite Mellencamp song:
    Hand to hold on to

  9. Ashley S Garver says:

    Ain’t even done with the night would have to be my favorite! Timelessly relatable song about young love! Never gets old.

  10. Timothy M. Wickham says:

    Jack and Diane: My wife and I were kindergarten sweethearts and even dated in High school. It took me 48 years to figure out I had never been ‘In Love’ until that gal came back into my life. that song reminds us so much of our youth and we sing it together whenever we hear it on the radio. Thanks so much.

  11. Lynn Burgin says:

    “Truth” (Ghost Brothers of Darkland County)
    “Longest Days” (Life, Death, Love and Freedom)
    “Rain on the Scarecrow” (Scarecrow)

  12. Mabel Sumner says:

    “Ain’t Even Done With Tonight”
    I know it’s ancient but I loved it the first time I heard it a long, long time ago and is still me favorite John Mellencamp song❤️

  13. Scott Ballock says:

    Small Town

  14. Shawna Gray says:

    Some of my favorites are small down, jack and diane, hand to hold on to, paper and fire

  15. Amanda Wyatt says:

    ANY John Mellencamp song is a good song! I have grown up listening to him and still love singing along to any song.

    All time favorite, Pink Houses (I always wanted a pink Cadillac (Bruce Springsteen)) so a Pink house just caught my attention attention

  16. melissa w says:

    My favorite John Mellencamp song is Key West Intermetzzo.

  17. Doug Grider says:

    Make me a winner!

  18. Jill Chipman says:

    I love all of Mellencamp’s song but for sure one of my favorites is Martha Says LOVE that song

  19. Jill Chipman says:

    Love all of Mellencamp’s songs but one of my all time favorites is Martha Says.

  20. Julie Crowe says:

    I love John Mellencamp.
    I loved Ain’t even Done With the night.
    Small town
    Hot night in a cold town
    Jack and Diane
    Pink Houses

  21. Julie Crowe says:

    Pink Houses
    Ain’t Even Done With the Night
    Jack and Diane

  22. Tiffany says:

    I hope I win! I want to give the tickets to my parents, the real Jack & Diane! They got married in high school (aged 17 & 18) and are still in love 37 YEARS LATER!!!! PLEASE PICK ME!!