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Who’s Your TV Mom? -VIP Quiz-

9 Comments 30 April 2018

Over the years, television sure has delivered its fair share of memorable moms.  From hour-long dramas to half-hour sitcoms, everyone has had a TV mom they could relate with. With Mother’s Day right around the corner, WTTS wants to know, Who’s Your TV Mom? Take the quiz in the VIP Room right now and you’ll automatically qualify to win a facial and skin care package from Clarity M.D., a prize package worth three hundred dollars. Get in the Mother’s Day mood with WTTS, and Clarity M.D. Love your skin at any age.

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9 Comments so far

  1. Kelsi Garrison says:

    Kitty from that 70’s show

  2. Kevin Teter says:

    Have seen beavers at work. And what they can accomplish is amazing. They can change the course of. rivers in the mountains. They are inteligent and hard working animals. And their fur is highly valued.

  3. Rosanne Bell says:

    My favorite tv mom. Shirley Joned.Partrich family

  4. Patty Jack says:

    Mrs. Cleaver she was always kind, patient, loving, caring. Never raised her voice.. beautiful lady with class…

  5. Sheila says:

    Why, June Cleaver, of course! She always knew exactly what to say to make everything right. Meals were always delicious. And that woman was always impeccably dressed. I wanted my mom to be like her. I wanted to be like her. She had it all. Then I grew up and realized, I was dreaming. There’s no perfect family. You make the best of what you have, and be thankful. You try your best each day with your family and be happy knowing you’ve given it your all, your love.

  6. Peg Bolger says:

    Mrs. Ingle…..Little House on The Prairie

  7. Charles Williams says:


  8. Jenny says:

    June Cleaner on Leave it to Beaver