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WTTS First Experience Recap: Manchester Orchestra

10 Comments 01 January 2018

Last night WTTS listeners had their first chance to meet… Manchester Orchestra… Live.

This exclusive performance with Manchester Orchestra was yet another WTTS First Experience,  at The District Tap.  See some of the photos provided by Rhythym In Focus Photography of the WTTS listener exclusive meet and greet with the band.

Manchester Orchestra 1-23-18

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10 Comments so far

  1. Gabby Phail says:

    Would absolutely kill for a shot to see Man O live. I have been hooked on them for a while and love the rawness of their sound and lyrics. Seeing them in an intimate setting would be a dream.

  2. Tom Rains says:

    This is one of the few great bands from this decade that cater a sound for everyone. It would make my day to have the chance to see this really great band.

  3. Melinda DeWees says:

    Manchester is my friend’s FAVORITE! I’d love to surprise her with a night out to go see them!!!!

  4. Adam Manahan says:

    Absolutely cannot wait for that email saying I can attend! At least that’s the hope!

  5. Ryan says:

    These guys are amazing! Last chance I had to see them was in Delaware a few years back, drove 10 hours and caught two shows! And I’d most definitely do it again… but it would be nice to see them here in my neck of the woods! *hint hint*

  6. Teree Bosso says:

    Yes please

  7. Teree Bosso says:

    I love them and the District tap

  8. Avi Mishra says:

    Have loved hearing this band as they have grown! Missed last few shows in nearby cities and hoping to see them in one of my favorite spots in town!

  9. Mike Sheridan says:

    I’m a huge fan! Seeing them play an acoustic set would be outstanding!