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Free Download Of The Week: Cherry Glazerr

2 Comments 17 April 2017

Society would deem that a prodigious girl can’t be in a progressive rock band while also being in complete control of its creative vision, business plan and social messaging. Society is wrong. Clem, a 19 year old teen Queen with a headstrong resolve like her hero Patti Smith and a cartoon laugh like Muttley the dog, dreamed up Cherry Glazerr in her LA bedroom alone and is perhaps more capable of figuring a music career out than anyone who attempts this treacherous life path. On Apocalipstick the band worked with “rock’n’roll wizard” Joe Chicarelli [White Stripes, The Shins, The Strokes] and Carlos de la Garza [Bleached, M83, Tegan and Sara]. Download “Nuclear Bomb” off Apocalipstick and learn more about Cherry Glazerr at their Official Website, “Like” them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

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  1. Luke says:

    How do I download? Can’t find the link.

  2. Jake Keebler says:

    Hi Luke, The WTTS Free Download Of The Week is available for only seven days. We leave previous blog posts up on the web so that our listeners can explore the diversity of our selections over the course of months. Thank you for your comment, I did not realize that the “limited time only” concept was not reflected on our pages and have adjusted them to reflect that going forward.
    Thanks for listening and visiting our website!
    -Jake Keebler