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Coming To Sun King Studio 92

7 Comments 22 October 2016


The Avett Brothers and Band Of Horses are coming to town for WTTS shows at Old National Centre (the Avetts play Rock To Read benefits on November 3 and 4, then Band Of Horses arrive on November 5).

Before they take the stage, both bands will play short, private sets in Sun King Studio 92 powered by Klipsch Audio.  Register to attend now in the VIP Room. If you are not yet a 92-3 VIP, take 20 seconds and sign up today. Good luck! Courtesy of Republic and Interscope Records.

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7 Comments so far

  1. Jennifer Cooney says:

    I am just going to tell you November 4th is my 40th Birthday! I have loved the Avett Brothers since they were playing 11 years ago to a handful of people at the Bluebird. I would Love more than anything in the world to get to see them in the Sunking Studio!!!

  2. Joanna Green says:

    I would love to see the Avett Brothers at Sun King studio

  3. Shelley Westre says:

    I’m traveling all the way from Portland, Oregon (along with my sister and sister-in-law) to see both shows by the Avett Brothers.. I adore this band and the message they put out there – both in their music and in their actions as gracious, humble, positive, selfless human beings !! I’d love to see them live in the Sun King Studio ! Please please ?

  4. Todd Neal says:

    My wife and I have been to see The Avett Brothers 20 times now, from Atlanta to Kalamazoo to St. Louis. We live in Indy and the shoes next week will be #21 and #22. Unfortunately, as much as we’ve tried, we have never met the band or seen them in an intimate setting such as this. My wife would probably faint if I could tell her we got invited to this pre show…let’s make that happen…PLEASE! We love WTTS and would never forget the experience if we could win passes!

  5. Jeanetta Browne says:

    I and Love and You!!! A dream come true!

  6. Aaron says:

    My 16 year old daughter and I have seen the Avett Brothers live 5 times previously and would love to experience there music in a smaller venue such as Sun King Studio.

  7. Jan Ruston says:

    My now 19 year old daughter introduced us to the music of the Avett Brothers when she 13 and she just recently spent 19 hours, over night on 49th street in NYC to get into an SNL show. She asked me if I would do that to see the Avett Brothers….and YES I would! Would love to be apart of the Sun King Studio performance !