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Free Download Of The Week: Warpaint

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Photo by Robin Laananen

Photo by Robin Laananen

Los Angeles based Warpaint is set to release their third album, Heads Up this Friday (9/23). With all the members focusing more on solo projects, each member was allowed the space, freedom and creativity to write songs on their own. Actually their was only four or five times the whole band was in the recording studio together. This contributed to looser vibes and reduced the creative pressures of making a record. Our first and only glimpse of the album before it’s released is “New Song,” which is a departure from the band’s melancholy sound. But Jenny Lee Lindberg wrote the song after playing a game where each member of the band was tasked with writing a tune immediately after hearing another song. Her choice was Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky.” “I love Nile Rodgers – I love his style,” Lindberg says. “That song made me really happy, so I was like, ‘Okay, well, I’m going to try and put a little Nile Rodgers feel to it.’ His part is like a rhythm guitar, but I’m playing it on the bass. I got a disco beat playing. And so ‘New Song’ sounds nothing like ‘Get Lucky,’ but that’s what I wrote literally after I was given that assignment.” Download “New Song” off Heads Up and learn more about Warpaint at their Official Website, “Like” him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.


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