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Free Download Of The Week: Andrew Bird

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Photo by Addie Juell

Photo by Addie Juell

Chicago musician Andrew Bird changed his songwriting process on his tenth solo album, Are You Serious. Instead of writing imaginative lyrics in the third person, Bird wrote about personal experiences in the first person. As a result, there is less wordplay but as he says, “Who has time for poetics while grappling with birth and death?” The center piece of the album is “Roma Fade.” A song about the first few times Bird saw his wife at a party, and the longing he had to meet her. “‘Roma Fade’ present both sides of the phenomenon of observing and being observed. Desire draws a fine line between what’s romantic and what’s creepy.” Download “Roma Fade” off Are You Serious and learn more about Andrew Bird at his Official Website, “Like” him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.


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