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Remembering Prince

9 Comments 23 April 2016

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Nothing evokes passion and emotion like music, especially music that has been a part of the soundtrack of our lives. These songs that we love from our favorite artists are like snapshots in our family photo album. Each one provides clues to our history, our tragedies, our triumphs and our loves. Music bonds us as a community. And when one of the contributors to our life’s soundtrack dies, we lose a piece of ourselves, a friend who has been “through it all” with us. The heartbreak is shared and the feeling of our own mortality is real. Lately, as we have experienced the loss of many in our musical family, I feel strengthened by our shared grief and expression of gratitude. Let’s find comfort together in the music they created for us and remember those times in our lives punctuated in song.

Yours in music,

Laura Duncan

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9 Comments so far

  1. Claire says:

    Hit home will be truly missed thankyou laura

  2. Claire says:

    Thank you laura heart hurts but will heal

  3. John Heyob says:

    ThanK you for playing Purple Rain in its entirety and kudos for NOT editing it. First concert, Market Square Arena. Was postponed from a November date to either March or April(can’t remember). I was 15. The anticipation for the show was insane because the album just got bigger and bigger. Totally delivered. I can’t say more. Too sad.

  4. Charlotte Egler says:

    Thank you Laura for sharing your grief with us and playing the music that brings us back to those times we shared with Prince.

  5. Amy Castillo says:

    The pain and grief felt from the loss of a beloved artist is real. Laura gets it. WTTS gets it. People who live passionately in and through music get it. Those who have survived extreme difficulties quietly crying and/or celebrated private moments of glory dancing in their bedrooms to their favorite artists get it. That boy or girl that found their self esteem and confidence grooving to the mirror as a kid and later as an adult to that same artist gets it. I get it. How sad it must be for people who simply don’t “get it”. For it is those that personally I would never want to “get”. Make sense? Get it, Got it, Good. 🙂

  6. Dave Wooldridge says:

    Was not a big Prince fan, but can’t deny his big influence on music since his start. I’m just happy that there was a brief period of time where you didn’t play that gawd-awful ‘song’ from Coldplay. It’s gotten to the point I’d rather listen to Achy-Breaky Heart again over that!

  7. Marty Pickett says:

    Very well said Laura. Always the voice of passion and honest emotion for us all.

  8. Doug Breimeir says:

    A true legend lost, but will always live in his music. I saw Prince open up for the Rolling Stones in 1982 at Detroit’s Cobo Hall, following a disastrous opening attempt by Iggy Pop(he was booed off stage after the second song). Not thirty minutes after that, here was this 5′ tall black kid in a purple cape and Gene Simmons’ high-heeled boots! No one knew what to think of him-until after the first song, and everyone was on their feet!Prince was a true class act that did things on his terms…RIP my friend.

  9. Nanc537 says:

    Very well put, Laura. These last few months have really shaken our musical core and left us all with an overall sadness. It’s good to know we are all in it together.