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Laura Duncan Talks With Keith Richards

3 Comments 18 September 2015

Keith Richards

Laura Duncan had the opportunity to speak with legendary Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards.  Listen to their conversation as they discuss The Rolling Stones recent Zip Code Tour (which featured a stop at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway), how Crosseyed Heart was made and why it took so long to be released and the new documentary on Netflix, Keith Richards: Under The Influence.  Laura also talks with Keith about the energy it takes to go on tour with The Rolling Stones and the joys of being a grandfather.

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3 Comments so far

  1. Ed Adams says:

    Excellent interview. Just excellent. So grateful for WTTS.

  2. Dave Clingan says:

    Good job as usual, Laura. Thanks for letting Mr. Richards speak (so many interviewers seem bent on looking smart by asking by asking too many questions) Can’t wait to hear “Crosseyed Heart”. RIP Bobby Keys / Rock On Keef!

  3. william greely says:

    I listen to the npr interview and Keith said “Cross Eyed Heart” is his second record in the last 20 years, not the third. If I am wrong someone name the first two. But great interview.