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Pete Yorn In Sun King Studio 92

5 Comments 07 October 2014

Photo Courtesy Rhythm In Focus Photography

Photo Courtesy Rhythm In Focus Photography

Pete Yorn stopped by Sun King Studio 92 Powered By Klipsch Audio on October 7, 2014 before his show at the Deluxe. Enjoy the music and conversation below!



“Social Development Dance”

“A Girl Like You”

“Crystal Village”

“Life On A Chain”


Remember, Sun King Studio 92 sessions are for 92-3 VIPs only. If you’re not a VIP, take 20 seconds to sign up for free, then stop by the VIP Room to register to be in the live studio audience at an upcoming performance.

Photos Courtesy Rhythm In Focus Photography.

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5 Comments so far

  1. Bob Wallace says:

    I have always like Pete since I called into the station one afternoon and asked for “that song with the funny microphone.” Brad H. was like, “Yeah, we get that.” 🙂

  2. billie scaggs says:

    Pete has awesome energy! ! Feeling blessed to have been here!

  3. Kim Taylor says:

    I was blown away by his performance! I have been a PY fan since his first CD. Not giving up on him! Thanks WTTS

  4. Nancy Morrison says:

    So very thankful to attend this awesome show! Really love Pete’s music and thank you WTTS

  5. Renee says:

    So talented, love his music!