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TTS Shutterbug: John Mayer & Phillip Phillips

2 Comments 13 August 2013

Klipsch Music Center was rockin Saturday night as John Mayer took the stage to play in front of 16,000+. Jamming out to songs from his current album Born & Raised as well as hits from his previous albums the stage was lit with stars in the sky and awesome background visuals. Opening up the evening and getting the night started right was the talented Phillip Phillips. Below are amazing photos provided to us by Rhythm In Focus Photography.

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  1. Janis Mecklenburg says:

    Was lucky enough to have been at this fabulous concert. The crowd was welcoming to both these incredible artist. Phil Phillips was bright, energetic and musically spot on. I’ve been a fan of this boy since I first heard him try out for Idol. John Mayer never disappoints. This was my 4th time to see him in concert. The vibe he emits through a crowd is amazing. It has been an interesting ride to watch and see him evolve. Still hanging on to see where he goes next. I’m sure I wont be disappointed. These two young men are a part of my holy trinity of favorite musicians, the other is Johnny Lang. All three at one time would be my ultimate music wish. Thank you boys for bringing so much joy to my ears and my soul.

  2. Debbie says:

    What an awesome concert!! I took my 17 year old twin granddaughters to their first major concert–and they were amazed!! We have been Phillip Phillips fans since his debut on Idol–and were so excited to see him live! Would love to see more!! As for John Mayer–I am a huge fan–but at 17–they havent heard a lot of his songs–but now–they are HUGE fans!! Loved every second of it!!