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Lee DeWyze In Sun King Studio 92

4 Comments 26 August 2013


Photo Courtesy Rhythm In Focus Photography

Lee DeWyze stopped by Sun King Studio 92 Powered By Klipsch Audio on August 26, 2013. Listen to the music and conversation below!




“Fire Away”

“Silver Lining”


Remember, Sun King Studio 92 sessions are for 92-3 VIPs only. If you’re not a VIP, take 20 seconds to sign up for free, then stop by the VIP Room to register to be in the live studio audience at an upcoming performance.

Photos Courtesy Rhythm In Focus Photography

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4 Comments so far

  1. Melissa Will says:

    This young man is so dam talented and has a gift in writing amazing lyrics. I love this new album FRAMES. I cannot wait until Lee tours AUSTRALIA! i did fly to LA to see him sing LIVE all i can say is DAM that boy can sing! BEST music ever. <3

  2. Leesprayerlady says:

    I have been a die hard fan for over 3 years attended 24 shows, traveled over 14,000 miles….need I say more????

  3. Cindy5028 says:

    “Frames” is amazing album full of songs that each tell a different story in a very unique way. Lee has one of those voices that once you hear it; you’ll always recognize it. This has definitely become my favorite album ever! I would highly encourage everyone to check out “Frames”.

  4. Melissa Will says:

    Leesprayerlady i wish! I flew 16,000 miles for 1 show. So WORTH it! 🙂