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Serena Ryder In Sun King Studio 92

6 Comments 04 April 2013

Photo Courtesy Rhythm In Focus Photography

Photo Courtesy Rhythm In Focus Photography

Serena Ryder stopped by Sun King Studio 92 on April 4, 2013. Listen to the music and conversation below!

Full Show

“Mary Go Round”


“What I Wouldn’t Do”


Photos Courtesy Rhythm In Focus Photography.

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6 Comments so far

  1. Judy Mace says:

    THANK YOU very nice show, I got some great photos and want to now buy her CD!

  2. Melinda DeWees says:

    Thanks so much to WTTS for having Serena play today at the Sun King studio! Her performance was AMAZING!

    It was great to get the chance to meet her. I’m looking forward to her new album’s release in June – she is officially my new FAVORITE artist!

    Thanks again!

  3. Tommy D says:

    Great show! Intimate venue! Wonderful experience!

    When can we see the pictures that were taken of the attendees and Serena?

  4. Rich Mroz says:

    Thank you WTTS for the invite to see this intimate performance. Serena has a powerful voice and she knows how to connect with an audience. On a side note, I love the fact that she used a very cool Silvertone for her first two songs. This lady has talent and style. Best wishes always!

  5. Marc says:

    Cool that you guys are featuring her. She is huge north of the border, and I’m glad she’s getting some airplay in the US. Other than the Biebs and Anne Murray, Canada has some amazing musical talent.