Laura Duncan Talks to Will Butler From Arcade Fire

3 Comments 27 April 2011

Will Butler talks about everything from the shock of winning a Grammy for album of the year, to his thoughts on music sharing and his working relationship with his brother, Win.

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  1. Wendy Liebert says:

    Thanks Laura and WTTS, great interview. I really appreciate your questions about music sharing and marketing. Finding bands like Arcade Fire (as well as the fantastic The National) remind me of the very first time I heard REM on the radio in the mid-80s. You become convinced you just formed a third brain lobe that you must instantly nurish with more of their sound and make them your own, as Will said.

    Wendy Liebert

  2. Brad says:

    Well done, Laura!

  3. KB says:

    Laura, great interview. Thanks for digging in to music sharing questions, and in to the tour-band selection process. Very interesting.